This is the story of an old troll struggling to keep his swamp a bright, cheery place for little trolls to play and learn. Unhappy powercampers often pass through the mud and water while on their way to Lower Guk. They litter their copper and fishing grubs all over the pristine muck, and ignore the helpless young trolls who are dying to kobolds. What they don't realize is that the swamp isn't just a zone, it's a home.

Episode #1*: "WTF U r a big lier!"

Episode #2**: "A French Wedding"

Episode #3: "I am as constant as the Northern Star!!"

Episode #4: "The Ranger and The Wizard"

Episode #5: "Innothule Hillbillies"

Episode #6: "I hope j00 die in RL"

Episode #7: "Vacation in Rivervale"

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* The #1 after "episode" does not imply that I have any inclination to make more episodes.
** Ok, so I made another episode.