I woke up from my camp to find my swamp invaded by several Peace of Formosa members. One of them was Plokm (a halfee I think, the worst kind) and I didn't waste any time before attacking. Shortly after the incident several PoF members entered the zone, swarming on me like a whole bunch of... um.... ants that swarm on things. Really big ants. With spells. The following shouts littered the zone:

(Kimola saw through my rock-solid excuse.)

2 or 3 of them chased me around for a bit, a common mistake many powercampers make (you should never follow a troll deep into the swamp)... after a couple minutes and several sharp turns, the odds evened out.

With all his friends lost, I let the lone cleric catch up.

The blue text near the bottom says "halek staggers". This is Halek trying to use a manastone to kill himself, making it impossible for me to loot his nice equipment. It didn't work. The red text even closer to the bottom says "you can not loot weapon slot items". This is me trying to loot his manastone. It didn't work.