Smack Talkers

In my time as a swamp defender, I have grown to enjoy the type of powercamper known as "the smack talker". In fact, if it weren't for them FoH wouldn't exist. So to all you that enjoy putting the word "newbie" (or any of it's alternative spellings) after an insult, thanks. You've inspired me.

blart is just an idiot

Valdiven and I eventually found Kombucho.

I'm going to warn everyone in Guk

Maybe he was trying to give me a watch.

Bamkrak was somebody that we killed earlier (presumably anyhoo) on a twink character. He was upset and regressed to a "cartman" like state.

This is my all time favorite smack talker: Iodin - level 52 Necromancer. I woke from my camp with little mana and no buffs, right next to Iodin. He began casting immediatly. I ran, and like most powercampers unfamilier with the southern regions of Norrath, he got lost. While I was preparing for the fight, Iodin turned on the smack:

In this run-on sentence Iodin explains how I'm a bad "PvPer". Apparently I camp zones and portals.

I buffed up, summoned Dogdog and attacked. The fight went on for a long time, mainly because I was using the spell Plague on him rather than Envenomed bolt (My reasoning was that Necromancers usually have good poison resist. _Usually_).

Perfect timing. Iodin was hiding to meditate, and probably would have been able to run out of range before I finished casting if not for the fact that HE WAS BUSY TYPING.

Defeated by his own smacktalk.

Thanks for the ring.

You might be asking yourself why people give death threats over Everquest, or why they feel a need to use the term "newbie" as an insult. I once wondered about these things as well, until last week. Valdiven and I did some research deep in the swamp, and found what powercampers had been eating during their travels to Guk:

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