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... or how we justify killing characters so we're not labeled "random PK's"

Everquest is full of people out to make your day an unhappy one. Whether you just want to gain items and levels, or kill people who gain items and levels.. there is always someone out to stop you.


Here is the General rule a flower needs to live by:

  • Anyone out to make someone or something _unhappy_ must be stopped in any way possible.

Now this single rule can go a long way. Lets say you see a level 5 necromancer in a Shiny Metallic Robe constantly clicking his manastone, shredding through hundreds of fire beetles. Is he really happy?

  • If he's killing monsters at a rate faster than you can, there is no way he can be happy (as a Happy Flower your happiness is at least 10x that of a mere commoner), and therefore he is making himself unhappy. It is your job to put an end to this mindless slaughter of monsters. (by mindlessly slaughtering him)


  • You are the #1 PvP'er on the server.

  • Every PvP encounter must be backed up by at least 30 minutes of smacktalk.

  • The /shout channel is reserved only for smacktalk (see above)

  • During any PvP encounter you must take screenshots of each kill, edit out anything that might damage your reputation, and post them to every messageboard you can find (EQ related messageboards or not, it doesn't matter. Everyone must know you are the #1 PvPr.)

  • Any PvP related death is NOT your fault. If a player manages to kill you, it's your job to play it down as a cheap shot, or to accuse your killer of cheating. Those damn cheating, cheap shot pansies!

  • Be sure to /petition any cheaters (e.g. people that killed you). See above.

  • If someone says or does something to make you angry behind the anonymity of their character, you are allowed to use one of these three comebacks to make yourself feel better:

    1. "u r a gay faggot"
    2. "ur probably a nerd wiht reel thick glasses and get beat up at sckool"
    3. "u r just a n00bie and play with no honor!"
play with no honor!"