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Hail web adventurer!!!!!  You have discovered the homepage of the #1 PvP guild!  Be proud, give yourself a big GRATS!  You are always welcome here as we are kind and happy people, so please stay and share the joy of joy with us!  If you feel uneasy about our claims, or are questioning our intentions, don't worry, so have many other people. That feeling you have is actually a form of unhappiness, which is very common and harmful to virtual worlds.  How can you be sure you have unhappiness?  And where can you get help?  Simply take our personality test!

FoH currently provides counseling to the general public in the following online worlds:


  • Everquest:  Rallos Zek (PvP) level ranges 6 - 55
  • Everquest: Sullon Zek (PvP Deity Alliance) Good Team
  • Microsoft Train Simulator

  • Thursday, January 31st, 2002
    Reflection of Winter + Animal Sex

    My flowers, due to unforeseen problems, I must delay Be Nice to People Day.  I am sorry, and I know many of you were looking forward to it.  I hope the amount of friendliness will only increase with the delay, like a blowfish stuck on a tail pipe, ready to burst with happiness any moment!  Or fish innards.

    To help cheer you up, Boogahed has been hard at work on... "art".. that will inspire you just as much as it will make you horny. 

    Until I figure out a new date for Be Nice To People Day, fill out an app for your 46+ gimp to join our raid group, and stop by the brand new Happy Chatroom!


    Monday, January 21st, 2002
    Plane of Happy

    Fansy is back.

    He's a furry now if you couldn't guess.  Expect an update in a month or so.

    In other news, our alliance broke into the Plane of Fear, the first guilds to ever accomplish such a feat (on the Rallos Zek server).  After we killed the scary monsters and distributed the loot, members from "Tempered Fury", "Temerity" and the WHAAGH (that is their actual name) raid group zoned in (the 2nd guilds ever to zone into PoF (on the Rallos Zek server)) and tried to stop our raid by killing us.  Isn't that rude?  I guess they didn't expect 4 of the oldest PK guilds to be ready for a fight. 


    Around 20 "anti-PKs" zoned in to try and PK us.  Can't we all just be happy?

    After this kill, I found that this was Marblemaker's first time in Fear.  Welcome!

    Temerity Raid Group raises a white flag.

    An Elven Crusader decides it's best to follow Temerity's example.

    Strangely enough, I think we got better loot from the "anti-PKs" than the fear monsters.  And the monsters were actually able to drop one of us.   More screenshots of the event taken by Mortaneous can be found here



    Monday, January 7th, 2002
    Be Nice to People.


    Hello reader!  I'd like you to know I care about you, and pass on some important flower news: FoH has participated in our first PvE raid by killing Lord Nagafen, with the help of two friendly guilds, House In'Visus and Artful Death.  We are the first guilds to ever kill a dragon (on the Rallos Zek server) and Blart now wields the greatest shaman weapon aside from GM event loot: Blight, Hammer of Scourge.


    Shortly after the raid, I was hospitalized.  Don't be alarmed, I am ok, the important thing is the revelation I had..  While waiting for the nurse to bring me more codeine, I thought about how far our cult has come over the past two years.  From a single level 50 troll buffing a bunch of level 3 PKs, to four level 50 trolls buffing a bunch of level 12 PKs.  I started thinking about how much I care about each and every flower, Boogahed, Soupypoopy, Singingpenis, Poopcorn, Twatkicker, and I began to weep.  I cried for what seemed like days out of love for the flowers, though the doctors called it a nervous breakdown. I was released earlier today, and thanks to the help of emergency counselors, I now have a strong desire to live. 

    The revelation I had is perhaps the most important Everquest announcement any guild has ever made.  It is the truth that I have been seeking, and it gives my EQ existence meaning:  Each and every player is an individual, and that individuality deserves respect.  Flowers, it is time for a new guild direction.  I no longer want to see PvP on the Rallos or Sullon Zek servers, I want to see individuals helping individuals.  This game, at it's core, is about people.  So I give you, each and every special person playing this wonderful game, a day of recognition:

    February 2nd, 2002, the day of the sacred ground hog, all PvP servers will observe "Be Nice to People Day"

    On "Be Nice to People Day", whenever you see somebody in need, I want you to help them.  If someone is hurt, heal them.  If someone needs help with a quest, give them a hint.  If someone wants to buy an item you have, don't sell, give it to them.  And most importantly, do not engage in any PvP.

    ~ BLART



    Friday, August 10th, 2001
    Cyber Relations

    Hello!  Have you ever wondered how iksars reproduce?  You know, there are so many iksars around, HOW DID THEY GET THERE?  Doesn't it make you just think?

    Me neither. 

    But I guess the idea did occur to someone, and it was fascinating enough to fill 6 pages.  Then there's the story of the Dark Elf pimpdaddy "Deadmakr" that tried to put the moves on Snuggs, so she took pity and found the lonely guy a friend.  A special friend.


    Flowers have started up on Sullon Zek! Foopsy is leading the Sullon division, Dopy Dunderhead has somehow taken control on Rallos, and Blart whipped up a quick guide for all of you n00b Troll Shaman on Rallos Zek.




    Thursday, July 12th, 2001
    The No-Rules Server Gets Visited By FoH

    What happens when you act like a jackass on a server with no rules? Players complain. Meetings are held. Rules are made. And everyone's $10 monthly fee goes to pay a team of programmers to patch up a small problem. But the big problem is ignored: As long as players aren't able to solve their disputes through direct PvP, as long as level limits and teams exist, GM interference will be needed.

    I didn't want to try and justify acting like an ass. I mean.. many people are willing to do that for me.

    But it was for a cause.
    it was for the underdogs.
    it was for the home team.
    it was for....

    The good guys.



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    All Everquest stuff property of Sony Online Entertainment, even the pictures of Mcfatass.  HTML template leeched from Fireman Comics, used with permission by Kevin Bowen.


    All Everquest stuff property of Sony Online Entertainment, even the pictures of Mcfatass.  HTML template leeched from Fireman Comics, used with permission by Kevin Bowen.