The Harvard Stanford AnalysisTM test (HSATM) is a professional personality test that uses 11 specially designed questions to provide an in-depth look at your MMRPG personality. It will accurately show you both your strong points - so you can take advantage of them - and your problem areas - those things that are blocking your true potentials and happiness in life. Your results will be displayed on a graph, which is both easy to read and informative.


1. When Everquest is loading and the cheesy MIDI music plays, do you sing along?
No, I sit calmly in my chair waiting for the game to start.
  Yes, especially if others are in listening range!
I turned the shitty music off a long time ago, and listen to my own selection of rock and/or roll.
2. You go to your favorite hunting spot and find a group of adventurers already there.  They appear menacing because they talk like hip teenagers.  What do you do?
Try to talk in their lingo, asking if you can join their group.
  Find another spot.
Act like an idiot to provoke them into saying a naughty word -  then report it.  Wait until they get banned, leaving you with an open hunting spot. 
3. Somebody challenges you to a duel. You...
Call them gay.
Accept the duel and win an honorable fight!
Ramble on about how duels are for blue servers and how you're above such "blue" forms of combat.  Then run away.
4. A guy is selling an item you want for a reasonable price.  You tell him you're interested, and he replies "k cool just give me the money now then I will log on my main char to give u the item."   You...
Call him gay.
  Tell him to give you the item first, your money is on your other character...
5. Somebody kills you.  You reply...
 "Nice shot, chap!"
  "u coward u fight like a rat hiding in corners till I'm low health then you attack HOPE U CHOKE ON THAT TOLANS HELM!!
"Exploit! I'm reporting you for cheating rule #12 in PvP article section 4Z from the official player rulebook.  Hope you enjoy being BANNED!"
6. Everquest can provide years of entertainment.
7. Where should excess copper and silver be placed?
Meticulously on the ground in the form of a happy face.
In a group member's trade window when he tries to cast.
8. Are you the best PvP'er on the server?
9. The hottie you've had your eye on in homeroom asks you to go to the mall with him on Saturday night, but your best bud tells you he already has a GF!  You
Tell him he's a gay coward IRL, and you're going to  /petition him.
Tell him to dump that ho, cuz you ain't no game and you don't need no playa
Go to the mall with him and buy a full suit of Hot Topic.
10. You've had it with your guy ignoring you around his friends.  How do you get your point across?
Smile through your tears.
  Cut your forearms with a pocket knife
Train his bluebie ass
11. On a scale of 1 to (y=5) how would you rate your overall happiness when playing an online game?