"The shit they don't put in the patch messages"


Boogahed and Danwith

Danwith and I were doing a little evil extermination in Nektulos and Lavastorm, and we decide to check out Najena
for shits and giggles. After a short time we happen upon a peculiarly placed Banker named Aderodh:

Danwith cam:

We weren't exactly sure what to make of it.

Even stranger, this banker was different than the bankers I had used in Norrath before. This guy didn't seem to be holding any of our phat loots or mad plattage. It was all missing!

Before long a halfee by the name of Sitnay shows up. Neither of us saw her walk up, it was like she just popped in out of thin air!

She seemed to have a purpose in mind because she walked right up to our new friend:

Almost as quickly as she appeared, she disappeared, but this time by gating.
I had earlier deposited a little loose plat I had on hand and decided to see if Mr. Aderodh was still holding it for me.
To my tremendous surprise, he was holding a whole lot more!

Not sure how to explain this one. Looks like someone's been pooping on our legs and blaming the dog!

Being the good EQer I am though, I promptly destroyed the unfairly acquired plat and /petitioned.
No response from GMs yet! Oh well...


I don't believe this for a second!

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