Since we unveiled our account of this amazing occurance, it has created quite a stir in the EQ community!
Unfortunately, most people are calling it a hoax, and that's a shame! When the well dressed bible-carrying
bicycle-riding young men came to your home, did you laugh and call their story a hoax also? I bet you won't
laughing IN A LAKE OF FIRE!!

Anyways, I decided to address some of these concerns and hopefully put most of your doubts to rest.

1) "The hotkeys are too few/changing"

I'm not sure why this caused so much concern with skeptics. Since when does having only 1 hotkey setup
make a sceenshot fake? I normally have only 1 other setup for dragging my corpse, but it wasn't there
at this time because I had just loaded EQ on my new hard drive.
Other people claimed the hotkeys were disappearing or changing from one screen to the next, but these were
just people who didn't pay attention to the fact that the screenshots were coming from two different people.
I can understand if you skipped your Ritalin that day, but please don't include insults in your post when you're
clearly wrong.

2) "They're using the default user interface, it's got to be a hoax."

Give me a fucking break.

3) "Those pics are photoshopped, they look all pixelated!"

This may be due to the JPEG compression. For your convenience, I will include links to the original BMP screenshots,
but be aware that they are over 2 MB each. There's also some pics in there that were not in the original story.

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3
Screenshot 4
Screenshot 5
Screenshot 6
Screenshot 7
Screenshot 8
Screenshot 9

4) "The spell effects are old."

These were taken on the 17th, the day before the last patch.

5) "Why did you take so many screenshots?"

Most of us in FoH take TONS of screenshots all time, its quite common.

6) "The chat dialogue seems 'contrived'."

Thank you! We get that a lot. Sometimes me and Danwith finish each others sentences and stuff! We're great friends!

7) "The HP bar is changing."

That's a pretty common thing too, especially when someone is casting HP buffs on you or you're getting hit by mobs.

8) "This was done on an emulator."

Possibly, and there's nothing I can do to prove that it wasn't. Someone did mention that on emulators the bankers have
the words EQEMU Banker or something under their names. Also, no one has given hard proof that it was emulated, so take that
for what its worth to you.

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