One year after release, the good guys are still losing on Sullon Zek :(    Only 10% of the server has chosen to be good.  The neutral and evil teams are overflowing with level 60's, while the good team finally got their first Rogue epic last week. 

What can you do?  Quit playing your boring character and make a GOOD GUY!   Click on the Sullon Zek (PvP deity) server, make a character, and worship one of the following gods (THIS IS IMPORTANT)  You don't have to go to church or anything so don't worry.

Erollisi Marr, Mithaniel Marr, Rodcet Nife, Quellious, Tunare

Those gods make you a good guy.  The classes we need the most right now are (in order of importance):  Rogues, Wizards (a good wizard?  that's like harry potter!), Clerics,  Enchanters.  But really any class at level 60 would be great, you can count the number of lvl60 good guys on your feets :(

Need more information before making a commitment?  That's ok!  I'll give you some links.  Just remember that Sullon Zek has a 20% XP bonus on all kills (and that stacks with dungeon XP bonuses), so you'll level 20% faster, and XP loss when you die is only 50% of other servers!  You'll level faster than ever.  And if a level 60 kills you (or any other red-con player) you don't lose XP or anything. 

Here are links for more sullon zek information:

FoH Sullon Zek info    Official Sullon Zek Rules (scroll down to Sullon Zek section)       Zone Control Maps      PvP stats

oh, and for the best newbie hunting zones, good guys control:  Tox, The Warrens, all the luclin newbie zones (easiest to level in luclin), Gfay, everfrost, Blackburrow, and sometimes Qeynos Hills. 

Qeynos Hills.