Sullon Zek

Flowers of Happiness

  • Recommendation:
    If the idea of leveling and camping items doesn't bother you, and the thought of a level 60 killing a level 12 sounds fun, then Sullon Zek is for you.

  • Why?:
    Sullon Zek rewards players for leveling. The higher level you get, the more powerful you are in relation to other players, regardless of your class. Also, as a Flower of Happiness, it's easier to level here than Rallos, because you have an entire team to support you.

  • There is no PvP item-looting, so camping your own items, or buying them from other players is required.

  • PvP Rules:
    There are no PvP rules that aren't hard coded into the game. Train, bind camp, whatever. If you can do it, it's legal.

  • PvP immunity until level 6 *in newbie zones only*
    *The rule made because of Fansy

  • No PvP level limits. But there are team limits, you may not attack players on your own team.

  • Teams:
    There are 3 teams, and they are chosen by deity. Players on opposite teams may not help each other (no cross-teaming, the problem that destroyed Vallon & Tallon zek). There is no cross-guilding either, so if you join evil or neutral, you are not allowed to be in Flowers of Happiness.

    The Good Alliance consists of: Erollisi Marr, Mithaniel Marr, Rodcet Nife, Quellious, Tunare

    The Evil Alliance consists of: Bertoxxulous, Cazic Thule, Innoruuk, Rallos Zek

    The Neutral Alliance consists of: Brell Serilis, Bristlebane, Karana, Prexus, Solusek Ro, The Tribunal, Veeshan.

  • Each team attracts a certain type of player:

    Evil: (70% of the playerbase)
    OH kewl I can be lvl 60 and kil level 2?! AWESOME! Time to hang up level 32 druid on Fennin Ro, I'm moving to Sullon! I will BE EVIL iksar and be the terror of Freeport! Oh ho hho ho this is gonna be l33t i'll kill those gay fag newbs! I'M PURE EVIL! DEATH 6666!

    Neutral: (23% of the playerbase)
    I'd never play on a blue server, because I have balls. PvP is how I earn the respect of other players. I read the PvP 101 rules by Myndpyre everyday. Skill is everything. Sure I'm allowed to train and corpse camp, but I'm above such "blue" forms of combat. I never kill greens (unless they're being gay), and I rarely kill evens. I only attack full groups of reds. And I win every time, without using weapons. Or spells. And one arm tied behind my back. Go back to your blue server newbies, I'm the PvP God.

    Good: (7% of the playerbase)

    Flowers of Happiness chose to be on the good team. Not because we like the good team, but because we like to kill the other two.

  • PvP Risk / Reward:
    You may kill anyone, but if you kill somebody below or above 5 levels, then you get nothing. People who are within 5 levels of you con white. If you kill a white, you may loot the money they have on them and an "insignia". Nothing else (no items). "Insignia" are supposed to do something, but most don't. You can turn in certain types for a summon corpse potion.  If you kill a white-con, they lose experience. 

  • PvE Risk / Reward: Compared to other servers, you gain 20% more XP per kill, and XP lost upon death is 50% less than normal (for both PvP and PvE deaths). 

  • Faction:
    Same as Rallos. If you kill someone in their hometown, you lose faction with the NPCs there.

  • Community:
    The majority of Sullon Zek embraces PvP. If there's a chance to kill someone, they'll take it. Like Rallos Zek, most players are assholes, and unlike Rallos Zek, they admit it. The easiest kills are low-mid level evil team players, since they rarely wear resist equipment. But the most powerful players are high-level evils.ment. But the most powerful players are high-level evils.