A little background on this guy Varhn: He was known on Rallos for falling in love with female characters. That's pretty sad in itself, but to take it one step further, one of them turned out to be a guy.

Below is a post made by Varhn showing how he got his heart torn when he learned that this sexy wood elf is actually a semi-retarted teenage guy.


Subject: A warning... post this everywhere you want to...

Author: Varhn D. (

Date: 6/15/00 8:57:13 PM

Hey ya'll, I just got this letter in my mailbox today, it kinda shows what some people will go through to get ahead in a game for all places and how low some people are. I'll post it here as a warning to you people just to be careful what you do and who you talk to ingame, some people are just here to abuse others for their own amusement. Sorry for its length.

Hi lol man this has been such a trip i thought bout letting you down easy with some more bullshit but hell ya just crossed the line thier somewhere. Im a 17 year old punk from the New York area. HI. I enjoy playing computer games and fucking with people (social engineering). I met you in game and i 99% of the time play a female character just so that all the horny guys will help me out and make my evercrap life a bit easier. And on every server i have been on i have been helped out in one way or from from free shit, pp, teleports, friends thier to help me, powerlvls, or just somone to talk to during down times. I played evercrap like a true game enthusists then found out the insane amout of time it takes to get anywhere in that game....really 6 months+ non stop playing to get to the fun stuff. Nah not for me so i just do other stuff sell, haggle, pk people (cause i cant stand the blue servers ick), harras, rip people off, and well take advantage of lonly people like yourself. When you gave me those bags i was excited even though i said i had like 5 gold in the bank when i really had 100pp. Then you gave me some shit items that i could not use then by "social engineering" i got sbs etc powerlvl and hilarious e-mails. Me and my friends loved reading them we laugh our asses off at times even now we got a kick out of it. I got some other friends on the servers that do the same stuff as me lol go MOFO that myrith breastplate, and thunnil claws and full suit of banded you ripped off was hilarious. Even though he never played that char more than 2 days he got all the items off it for free. Well you can write on msg boards and cry to verant and gms all you want but what i have done has broken no rule in everquest. As long as you press the trade button its LEGAL. What you gong to do tell a gm that i said i loved you and hes going to give you back your pp and crappy items, nah doubt it. Well im kinda tired from work and its a bit late so not in mood to clean this up or revise it just writing whats off my mind cause your filling up the mail box a bit i need room for other eq- chumps to send me their love mail =). O har har im in dark unity. Well good luck finding love in everquest i doubt you will especially on a zek server. Bye hun ooo yea and i love you.

p.s. hey i could of been nice and said i had to move or some crap but you pissed me off with that whiny shit so oo well cry your ass to sleep or even better come and hunt me down in game har har har.

-love always rapt0r

BTW as a side note this character that this "guy" played was named Siiren, an about 12 level bard... I know of some higher up druid that was also helping it level, so be wary... and please, if you can go ahead and post this anywhere you can or want to.


I hope you all learn a valuable lesson from Varhn here.. which is KEEP YOUR PENIS IN YOUR PANTS WHEN PLAYING A VIDEO GAME. If you're desperate enough to write love letters to a pile of polygons, take your precious velium breastplate, sell it on Ebay, and buy a hooker.

This has been a public service announcement from Flowers of Happiness r.htm">Flowers of Happiness