Heeey boys and girls, and boys who are girls who like boys who like girls!
It's Snugglie here!

I hope you are having a happy day, because I am! Also, if you're not happy, I'm still happy because as a member of Flowers of Happiness, my happy factor is up, up, UP!
So, whaddaya' say?

With all the trash talk that goes on, and the EQ porn that circulates, isn't it good to know that there is at least one noble guild who stands for quality, with wholesome values?

Aren't you excited?

I'm excited!


This week, I left the swamp for the first time!

As you know by now... I spent my first days in the swamp; being helpful to those people with special needs, and teaching people how to laugh again! As you can see, some people like to get the last laugh...

But, you wanted to see my pictures from my South Ro Vacation, right? Well, I decided to get some last words in myself, and here they are!

Look everyone, I found a little pink and purple guy! Isn't he adorable? Little pink and purple guys just make me want to kill scream bloody murder giggle!

Here's some cheer that was sent to us from Oaraman, Radnasticus and Phogar after they camped my corpse!

Okie, I will.. say "high" to Teddyruxpin. "High" Teddy!
On the way back, my swimming went up a whole 'nother point!

Thank Teddyruxpin...? That cute little level 2 Teddybear I recruited?
Thanks Teddy!
I'm a faster swimmer!

Apparently, the last words this guy saw before he died was,
"YOU were slain by Teddyruxpin!"

No matter what tries to get to me, nothing brings me down. Not even pain and suffering! Especially since I acheived the talent for talking from the dead!

Well, that's all for now kids!!

Tune in next time!
... and until next time...

. and until next time...