It takes a special kind of person to be a Swamp Defending Flower. It's not for the weak in spirit.

What keeps a Little Flower like me defending the swamp with such zest and flair? It's hard for some to understand what being a Flower means. So, being the lovable and helpful and smart and quite modest Troll that I am... I will show it to you in this narrative.

Well, while the masses gather at the gates during Uncle Blart's absense with their twinks to bash the Flowers...

I get to give spelling lessons to the mentally challenged!

Oh, did you mean to call me an i.d.i.o.t.?

.. C'mon.. YOU can DO EET!

That was just dandy! It's amazing I got anything constructive done today.. but gosh gee-golly, I'm just so darn helpful!

As an officer of Flowers of Happiness, I realize that I represent FoH and thus, my behavior is an example to other Little Flowers. So, with that in mind... I must live up to the responsibilities that Blart has given to me.

I have to train in my recruits, by setting a good example...

Also, to remind them not to attack people when they are standing too close to the guards, or this could happen to YOU!

"Smile, and the world smiles back" I had to demonstrate that just by looking at me and smiling, that it made some people feel better about themselves. As you can see in this screencap... The effect was quadrupled, when they ALL started looking at me and smiling.

Then came the course on the artform of smacktalk..

And the true definition of irony..

Eventually, I did get sleepy and had to log, leaving Blart's swamp in the capable hands of our Little Flowers.

hands of our Little Flowers.