I don't know what it is, but there's just something about good ol' fashioned smacktalk to make me smile.

How did I get so lucky?

As you can see, their eloquence was far above my simple troll mind. I had a VERY hard time following what they were trying to say.

Huh-oh.. I had to make sure that there weren't more of this guy's hands running around. So, like a good Lil' Flower defending her swamp:

Then, they took time out of their busy day to share their insight with the swamp defenders:

Simply handy-dandy of them!

Sometimes it's the REALLY efficient people who cut corners. They try to share their words of unhappiness with the entire zone. They want to convey their unhappiness to others. Perhaps they want to say, "I am a very unhappy person because I am nobody's right hand man" Unfortunately, it comes out as this:

Ahh, an Anti-Flower probably jealous of our supreme happiness and cuddly philosophy to randomly slay unhappy people.

Ooopise-daisey. *iggle-giggle* Pardon me a moment... while I just right clickie here...

... and a few repetative left clickies there...