Rallos Zek

Flowers of Happiness

  • Recommendation:
    If you aren't interested in leveling up to 60 or camping items and just want to PvP at low levels - Rallos Zek is your server.

    (although some Flowers choose to obtain high levels on Rallos (FoH has maintained a small level 50+ presence on Rallos for two years), just like some Flowers choose to stay low level on Sullon.)
  • Why?:
    The 4 level PvP limit punishes many classes for gaining levels. For example, a nicely equipped level 10 rogue can dominate all other classes in his range (6 - 14). But if he levels up to 35 the rogue will have a tough time killing anyone, because he is limited to PvP levels 31-39, and most classes at that level are more powerful than a rogue. Also, as a Flower of Happiness, Rallos Zek is more difficult to gain levels on than Sullon Zek, due to the majority of Rallos players being anti-PKs. If you're going to play on Rallos, find a good level for your class, and stick to it. One Rallos FoH member has been playing for three years and never leveled any of his character past 20, yet he walks around in items a level 60 would drool over, and his name is one of the most well known on the server.

  • PvP rules: Rallos Zek, like non-PvP servers, has "play nice rules". You may not train players, you may not "bard-burn" players, you may not keep a player unconscious, you can't zone camp, you aren't allowed to kill a player at their bind point, and you aren't allowed to intentionally cause a player XP loss. The players do all these things anyway (even the anti-pks), but the threat of being banned is constantly looming over the player's heads.

  • PvP immunity until level 6 in all zones.

  • PvP risk immunity until level 10 in all zones. Players can not have items looted under level 10, but can engage in PvP. There are some incredibly twinked level 9's running around risking nothing.

  • 4 level PvP limit. This means you can attack players 4 levels above or below you. (e.g. at level 30, you can PvP with players level 26-34). You may not attack any other players.

  • Teams: There are no teams.

  • PvP Risk/Reward: After killing a player, you may loot ONE of their items and all of the money they're carrying. For example, if they are wearing a fungi tunic and carrying 1000 plat, it's yours. You may NOT loot no-drop items, items in weapon/range/ammo slots, and items in bags. Many players put their best item in a bag before you kill them so you can't loot it.

  • Faction: If you kill a player in their hometown (for example, a Halfling in Rivervale) you lose faction with the NPCs in that city.

  • Community: Many players on Rallos Zek frown on PvP. If you decide to kill other players, people will call you a "PK", and they will refuse you teleports / items they're selling / invites to raids, etc. I'd estimate roughly 90% of the server believes themselves to be "anti-PK". The higher level you get, the more common anti-pk's become. Also, the majority of the server wears no items except for those with the no-drop tag so they risk nothing in PvP. If you want to catch people wearing items, you'll have to attack them when they think it's safe enough to wear them, which is usually in a full group at the bottom of a dungeon.roup at the bottom of a dungeon.