I have started a petition to stop the greatest injustice Verant has ever imposed on humanity: banning players that use bug exploits. Before going on, I�d like to point out that neither I nor anyone in my cult guild has ever used, or even thought about using a bug. Because of our refusal to exploit, Flowers of Happiness (the last noble guild on Rallos Zek) is at a disadvantage.

Here is the source of the problem; a small line in Verant's Rules of Conduct:

12: You will not exploit any bug in EverQuest. Bugs are defined as something that grants the user unnatural or unintended benefits in game.

Under Verant's unjust law anyone caught using a bug faces punishment, and that usually includes being banned. So when you play Everquest keep Verant's term "Unintended benefits" in mind. Can you spot someone using unintended benefits? It�s easy! Here's who to look for:

Law abiding citizens are being slaughtered by cheaters every day. If all players had access to bug exploits, the cheaters would think twice before using them. So please Verant, reconsider your negative stance on this issue. All I�m asking for is equal ground.

"If exploits are outlawed, only outlaws will use exploits."

-Benjamin Franklin lin