Peoo's piktoor of Blart

(ED: Peoo is an Ogre, and all his drawrings are made with charred bamboo stick and parchment.)

I git reelie board, so i luks arownd fur funnie tings ta luks af.

me mumbirs diss playse frum wun i leebs da wurld, un i sees GUD BUDDIE BLART!!!!!!!!

Me mumbirs blart. Heem wuz gud troalie. Hulps me und oogamuk gits armors.

me sees oll heem piktoors un stoaries, un me laffs, mumbirin sum tiams liak dem.
liak da tiam on noo yeers eb wun we wun on beeg hoomie bash und dere wuz diss dum hoomin hoo wudint pais toals en owasis.

so we smashes hur ded.
den she kum back un tries smashin uz, und we smashes hur agin.

den she colls us oll sorts ub dum naymes, moastly sum kampir ur sumfin. den she kept gittin speektirs ta smahses us but we runs awaie und den we maiks hur feets stuk tu grownd und....


oh ywah. blat am gud, su i droo diss pictoor ub heem.
he am obir ded hoomin he kulls (da wun frum da piktoor buk) wiol jrinkin heem boozis. he hab dem wulf feets kastid, su i jroo dem tu.
i noos dey not luk liak dat kas dey invisable, but dat wot i finks dey wud luk liak ef dey wuz seeable.


(for those who can't understand ogre)

I really got borded and started looking for funny things, and rememberd this guild from the days i played EQ. I am looking thru the pics and i sees GOOD TROLL BUDDY BLAT!!!!

I remember blart from way back. he was a good troll. he helped me and oogamuk get our armours.

I remember times like them.


oh yeah. blart is good so i drew a piktoor of him smashing the one human from the piktoors. he is useing his magic and drinking booze. he also has wolf feet cast, so i drew them too.
I know wolf feets don't look liek anything cause htey are invisable, but if you could see them, i think they would look like that. ENJOY!!! d look like that. ENJOY!!!