2001-07-12 11:33:00 [Filed by Hedron]
What was the first thing you thought of?

Yep! That's right, level 5 bards training the hell out of everyone.

What else did you think of? I bet a few more things came to mind...

(Warning, this article filled with EQ jargon that I will not attempt to explain. This is for the EQ players. It's EQ specific, not general design.)
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From the Tavern:

THIS GUY (update: She has informed me she is a girl, but has rejected to answer several A/S/L requests) GAL REPLIED TO THE EVIL TEAMERS THAT WERE COMPLAINING


You were a terrorist extroidinaire. I bow to your greatness. You have been an inspiration to all who oppose evil.

/ooc Have all you whining guys ever heard of terrorism? For the idiots, let me explain. Terrorism is something that an underpowered force often uses against a larger force of opponents because they have no chance at going head to head. What exactly do you think the American Revolutionists were? The tea party? Many of the attacks made by the colonists against the British were "terrorism."

All you evils just LOVE no rules as long as it only benefits you. Its a sad day when people can't objectively see that this was a VALID method for good to fight an overwhelming evil force. You evils had SEVERAL other zones to level. And in none of those zones do you have to pvp. But no, you couldn't stand the disruption in your favorite little xp zone. You all should just go back to your bluebie servers, cause that's all you are doing, bluebie leveling.

I realize most of the people on SZ are evil. Whoops let me rephrase that. Most of VERANT'S CUSTOMER BASE on SZ is evil. Congrats on already getting the no rules server rules changed. I'm sure you'll like that.

What I want to know is, if what Fancy was doing is wrong, can I petition all the level 5 gnomes that come over to GFAY and steal our newbie's kills so they can't level? Its annoying as all get out, but I did see it as a VALID method to deny us goods resources i.e. leveling players. It didn't even OCCUR to me to petition. You can betcha I will now.

SZ was a great idea. But it isn't working. This is one example of many of how screwed up SZ already is. Too bad. REally thought it was Veran'ts best work.

Gethane Travelsoul
Bard, now on tour in 40 countries!
Sacre Coeur
Cazic Thule"

From the Developer's Corner at

"Fansy, a level 5 bard, spends his time training SGs in Oasis using selos. Yes, there are not rules on SZ, but NO ONE CAN POLICE HIM, because no one can cast on him. No one can snare him, no one can root him, if he gets trained, he simply runs away.

Unfortunately, those in his path pay for his invulnerability. Is something being done about this? Please say yes, because this is getting ridiculous.

Ishaara, 7 cleric SZ"

We have something in mind for this. I'll be posting something either later today or tomorrow about some upcoming changes to Sullon.


The next day...

"...We will be removing the below level 6 PvP immunity in mid to high level adventure zones. This will be done to prevent players below level 6 from causing grief without the higher level players having a means to retaliate. A prime example of this is the level 5 bard training sand giants in the oasis. Because this would be considered a mid level adventure zone, the level 5 bard could and would most likely be killed by another player. This will indeed make the trek from one city to another, which is currently pretty safe for players below level 6, much more difficult if it involves going through adventure zones..."

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