This is a story of love and respect.... of time honored companions.... this is a story of a troll who has lost his dog.

Please don't cry.


Unkagobs was a young troll when he met Blart...he strived to be like Blart in every way... he even did that nasty thing with the peanut butter and the snake... but he couldn't do one thing that Blart could... and it made him sad :<

He looked and looked in the swamp for his DogDog to no avail... he looked in Sro, Oasis and the Ferrot.. and nothing... killin....errr wandering around Freeport a sign was sent by the gods... a magical floating wooden thingy that would surely take him to DogDog.

While riding on the boat a powerful, uncontrollable urge over took him... although disconcerting the urge was accompanied by a feeling that he was a 16 year pre pubescent boy... he kinda liked that....

Arriving on the foul, stinkin, cow pie infested, crack whore loving island of the elves Unkagobs starts by questioning the locals as to the whereabouts of DogDog.

Everywhere the answer was the same... "we have seen no DogDog"... puzzled Unkagobs thought long and hard about this...surely the Gods would not send him on a wild goose chase.. so there was only one possible answer... 


Ohh well two can play that way!

While this little "interrogation session" had made Unkagobs happier, not to mention richer and better equipped :0, there was still no DogDog to be found... to relax Unkagobs found one of those "women for hire" and proceeded to introduce her to Mr. Winky....

Will Unkagobs ever find DogDog? Is there a cure for Syphilis in EQ?

 Stay tuned to find out!