Rancar Fathers Day Special

Staring, in no apparent order: Rancar, Azzie, Liloutix, Nexus Scion, Kouffin, Amir, Dotchya, Gaurd Oystin, Dingous, Fonso, Fansy, Shariss, Levii, Hellraiser, Jimie, Trost, Trist.

Sunday was fathers day, and to commemerate such an event I bring you the Rancar Fathers Day Special.

Memories. That's what fathers day reminds me of. That and a good beating because I didn't bring the old man his budweiser quick enough. Alas, times have changed and my father and I have had a bit of a role reversal. The biggest change is now I sneak into his room and touch his penis at night. What am I talking about! I hate fathers day. It's another hallmark holiday generated by the establishment to keep third world families down! Everyone knows third world children have a better chance of identifying a differential equation than their biological father. So what better way to celebrate such a mementous occasion then to show the world of Sullon Zek how much fun the good team is.

The day started innocently enough. The odus Nexus Scion was curious what a six foot pussy looked like, so after wooing her with my Vah Shir sex appeal I naturally had her all over me.
[Sun Jun 16 09:55:29 2002] Nexus Scion judges you amiably -- what would you like your tombstone to say?

Now I am sitting there minding my own business when two sadly demeted evils stumble upon me. Vladymir and Pzzak. Level 60 evils may be strong in numbers and slow in wit, but they are no match for the undying love the nexus scion and I share.

[Sun Jun 16 10:03:17 2002] Nexus Scion punches Pzzak for 2875 points of damage.
[Sun Jun 16 10:03:17 2002] Pzzak has been slain by Nexus Scion!

Nothing can come between our love. Not even the fists of a badly named lizard. Luckily I met up with these two later and they expressed their love and respect for me.

The day was just begining and already I was turning some evils towards the ways of good. I headed to Shadow Haven to bind myself when I met up with a scaly lizard named Razziel. Normally I would be no match for a shadow knight of his caliber, but thankfully the gaurds in the haven love me too. They even let me get the killshot!

I decided to mosey on down to North Karana and check out how my height impared friends were doing. I was mystified, stupified, down right terrified by the reception I recieved. It seems that my shorter brethren have no love for feline speicies.

[Sun Jun 16 11:02:36 2002] Trist says out of character, 'FoH PK in Zone'
[Sun Jun 16 11:02:45 2002] Ollonx says out of character, 'Haha flowers of crappiness'
[Sun Jun 16 11:03:06 2002] Aldearn says out of character, 'You suck stupid FoH fag'
[Sun Jun 16 11:03:42 2002] Trist says out of character, 'Rancar likes it up the ass becase he is gay fag'
[Sun Jun 16 11:04:11 2002] You tell Trist, 'Is that a proposition? Because I like to try new things. I'm a virgin though, so you have to take it easy.'

Unfortunetly the Nexus Scion was jealous of the budding relathionship between me and Trist and decided that he had to die.

[Sun Jun 16 11:10:04 2002] a silvermist wolf tells you, 'Attacking Trist Master.'
[Sun Jun 16 11:10:13 2002] Trist has been slain by Nexus Scion!

The Scion was now in a jealous rage and decided to take it out on anything under 4 feet.

[Sun Jun 16 11:14:11 2002] Aknim has been slain by Nexus Scion!
[Sun Jun 16 11:22:06 2002] Kouffin has been slain by Nexus Scion!
[Sun Jun 16 11:29:42 2002] Meateatr has been slain by Nexus Scion!
[Sun Jun 16 11:31:00 2002] Sowmaester has been slain by Nexus Scion!
[Sun Jun 16 11:32:45 2002] Sneakstab has been slain by Nexus Scion!
[Sun Jun 16 11:37:16 2002] Ollonx has been slain by Nexus Scion!
[Sun Jun 16 11:45:13 2002] Aldearn has been slain by Nexus Scion!
[Sun Jun 16 11:48:27 2002] Trist has been slain by Nexus Scion!

This left me alone in the zone when all of a sudden a promising new character emerges.

A newt sounding our battle call? Surely my work is done. Time to hang up the towel and vive le revolution! But alas it was not to be.

I heeded his brave words. I didn't kill him. I can't say the same for my jilted lover unfortunetly.

[Sun Jun 16 12:02:07 2002] Dingous has been slain by Nexus Scion!

It was at this point that I discovered the source of Newt anger. The inability to spell. You see it isn't just the players, but the gaurds too that have this problem. They seem to think my Name is Ranca. Maybe they think all bards are jamacian and decided to make me a member of the honorary reggee club.

Its not just the half pints either. Newts everywhere seem unable to pronounce my name. Much like pronouncing my fellow musicians name Celion Dijon, I think it is an attempt to belittle my musical talents, as if I don't cut the mustard. It was at this point that my sexual frustration was at an all time high. So while I preformed a manual overide while looking at pictures of Hello Kitty I met up with my fellow Flowers, Fansy and Fonso. Not ones to miss out on the father day extravaganza they decided to join in the fun.

We felt that South Karana had a sort of fatherly feel, and decided to share our wealth and good fortune with the neutrals residing there.
[Sun Jun 16 13:32:04 2002] Hellraiser says out of character, 'Good PKs in zone, around lvl 40.'
[Sun Jun 16 13:32:12 2002] You tell your group, 'Woot!, I just gained 10 levels!'
[Sun Jun 16 13:32:22 2002] Fansy tells the group, 'Ha, me too.'
[Sun Jun 16 13:32:34 2002] Fonso tells the group, 'I love how we go up in levels every time.'

I found her kind of sexy, and she could definitely turn my skin like steel with her natures touch, but unfortunetly she had to be shown the light.

We then proceeded to kill a few neutrals here and there, and Fonso placed sixth and Fansy 19th for top goods yesterday!

That's all. And remember. Vive la Good team.